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Soul Hackers 2 - How to beat bosses WITHOUT leveling up

LIKE all Shin Megami Tensei games, Soul Hackers 2 can get particularly tricky in parts, especially when it comes to bosses.

Even though it’s from the same series as Persona, you’ll need to have a firm grasp on the mechanics if you’re going to make it out alive.

Take on demons in Soul Hackers 2.


Take on demons in Soul Hackers 2.Credit: Atlus

There is an easy mode that allows you to revive your party an unlimited number of times, but it can take a long time to get through a single fight.

It’s better if you can power up your party – without having to step on level ups – so you can get through these fights with ease.

Soul Hackers 2 players, never fear, we’re here to help you get the most out of the game.

Really learn your type of match-ups

There are your usual seven basic elemental types in Soul Hackers 2: Fire, Ice, Electric, Force (Wind), Ruin (Status), Sword and Gun.

Okay so they’re not what you’d call normal for a JRPG, but they’re what we’re working with here.

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Every single enemy in the game is weak to at least one of these, if not two, and they are key to your success.

Even if you have stronger attacks, hitting just one enemy’s weak point will add a demon to your “stack”.

At the end of your turn, all demons in the pile will attack all enemies in the fight, which can rack up large amounts of damage.

Make sure you have at least one move of each elemental type in your team so you can solve the enemy’s weakness and build your stack.

Bond with your teammates

In the Axis area of ​​the map, you can access Arrow, Milady, and Saito’s soul matrices and learn more about them.

Although these are introduced as a kind of side quest, they are actually essential to doing well in Soul Hackers 2.

Each floor of the Soul Matrix you complete will add a new skill to your teammate.

Whenever your teammates learn a skill, you will also be able to learn one by talking to Ringo in the lobby of the Soul Matrix.

Besides the usual items, demons, experience, side quests and skills here, you’ll also learn a lot more about the story.

The skills that give you the most bang for your buck are the ones that add extra demons to the stack when you hit a weakness.

This can let you add up to eight demons to your stack, rather than the usual four, for double damage.

Dialog options tell you which person’s band will increase in the top right, and hangouts also help you increase band quickly.

Don’t neglect COMP Smith

Leveling up doesn’t really give you the best buffs in the game, that’s the job of COMP Smith.

Make sure you return here often to get buffs on your weapons, as well as great perks like extra slots for Mystiques.

COMP Smith can also upgrade your affinities, allowing you to use more powerful Mystiques.

Talk to the girl outside the circus where you fuse your demons and she will ask you to feed her Mystic.

Do this and she’ll reward you with more powerful ones, adding up to 40% power to your elemental output.

Fix to your heart’s content

The circus is really the place to go, as fusing your demons is the key to success.

While you might not want to use a demon you’ve been with for a while, they offer diminishing returns, slow you down in level, and don’t teach you new moves.

If you fuse an equipped demon, the new stronger teammate can inherit that demon’s skills, so you can hang on too well to give up.

It will also give you more power, better resistance and better moves it can learn.

This is the only way many of the demons can learn multiple elemental attack types, which is necessary when you have four party members and seven elemental types.

You should visit here every time you clear a dungeon and see what new demons you can unlock.

It’s the little things in life

Little things you do in Soul Hackers 2 add up to big bonuses.

Although it’s a little out of the way, talking to every demon you meet in a dungeon will help build materials and recruit extra demons.

When you’re running around the dungeon, your sword can actually swing further than it looks, so make sure you’re proactive in attacking enemies to conserve HP.

Once you’ve completed Milady’s second floor, you can use Assassin’s Steps to double your speed around dungeons.

Ringo’s Traesto is also very helpful when trying to get out afterwards.

Always make sure you hang out with your buddies at the bar. It’s good to let go.

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Saving your game manually will also be a huge time saver. There is Auto-Save but it can take you further back than expected.

Saving right outside of a big boss fight will certainly save time.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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